About Michael

The moment he speaks, there's little doubt of his orgins. Michael Hackett was raised on a dairy farm in Ireland and farmed for 12 years before coming to America. He is trained in landscaping, has owned his own landscaping business in New York, and has learned to translate his knowledge of the land into practical Celtic conflict resolution principles.

He has been a keynote speaker in engagements in several parts of the country, and finds great joy in coaching people through transitional periods in their lives.

"I help people cross the threshhohld of their lives, inspiring them to contribute to humanity while empowering themselves."

Michael is also a certified arborist, and has earned a Certificate in Urban Agriculture from the Growing Power Milwaukee Institute where he studied vermicomposting, aquaponics, hoop house construction, and mushroom production.

Gardening, the Land, Weather, Nature, and People are his passion. This passion is the driving force behind The Celtic Journey, his coaching work, and his speaking engagements, as well as his Wiggle & Cluck and Licloonadea Farms projects.

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