Life Coach

Life CoachMichael is a life transformation coach that guides people in transitional phases of their lives. He helps people recognize their internal life force, resolve conflicts in a compassionate way, and inspire their lives while making the world a better place.

His Celtic perspective on humanity, culture, and conflict resolution are key to his coaching methods. He has a unique way of cutting to the core of what people are truly seeking, and helps them crystallize their dreams into reality.

Michael also uses various healing wisdom and modalities to help folks connect with the negativity dwelling within and transforming that into connection and ease in their life, allowing them to be their best.

Michael can assist clients with:

  • Manifesting goals
  • Pinpointing what’s missing in their lives
  • Clarifying a life route
  • Resolving conflicts (Internally, at work, at home)
  • Getting “unstuck”
  • Moving through transition
  • Clearing of the victim mindset
  • Acting as a soundboard when you need an impartial confidante
  • Learning new strategies for making their life exceedingly better
  • Discovering their purpose and how they can contribute to the world

If you feel like you just need that little something extra to help you bring your life to the next level, life coaching might be a wonderful  investment for you. Email Michael for a free 30 minute phone coaching session.

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